Family and Senior Photographer

Photography is the medium I have found that combines the love of creating, the ability to worship the creator, and sharing the gift of beautiful images that make time stand still.

I’m Susan Dusseault, the photographer behind Lily Fields photography. You may ask why Lily Fields? I’ve always loved the name lily…maybe because Susan means lily? I also wanted to incorporate my love for flowers…the fields, as well as something that keeps me going in life which is the fact that God cares about every detail of our lives. (Matthew 6:26-34)

But who am I? I am a wife to a great husband, mama to three beautiful crazy girls, master to a goofy labradoodle, and servant to two cats. I have way too many nicknames, a jar collection that needs to stop, and often times a messy house.  I’m a research queen (call me if you need a crazy medical condition looked up). I’m known by my many quirks ~ just ask my friends. I have a fascination with Robin’s Egg Blue. I’d paint my whole house inside and out in that color! For those who know me, the thing that describes me most is that I am a gift giver…and that passion combined with photography sets my heart on fire!  Photography is the ultimate gift giving experience…capturing those sweet moments for you and your family!

I live in Eugene, Oregon and serve Eugene, Springfield, Florence, Lane County, and cities up to Portland.

I’d love to be your family and senior photographer. Call me today to get more information or schedule a shoot. 541-517-6068