Junction City Oregon Photos | Poppy Fields

I received a message on Facebook a few weeks ago asking if I had seen the poppy fields and did I know where they were located. Mom was dying to get her oldest daughter’s photos taken there. I knew exactly where they were just outside of Junction City, Oregon and of course I didn’t hesitate to plan this shoot! A huge field filled with these beautiful pink poppies where the perfect backdrop to this beautiful young lady. Gretchen is not only gorgeous but incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and I think these photos communicate that very well.

These flowers are no longer there sadly. However, I have just been informed that nearby, also just outside of Junction City is another huge field blooming with red poppies. I would love to do another shoot in a poppy field so if you are interested in having a gorgeous backdrop similar to this for your family, children, or senior shoot me a message using my contact form above and I would be happy to chat with you about the possibilities.

Here is a handy little tip if you’d just like to take a trip out there on your own and take a few snapshots. Get down low so the poppies are behind your head and make sure the sun is either in front of you or directly behind you. If the sun is perpendicular to your face you will have harsh shadows. Choose to go either early morning or in the evening for the best light. Lastly, choose clothing that will not clash with the color of the poppies.

Susan Dusseault, Photographer



Eugene Oregon Photographer | My Sister’s College Graduation

This is a personal post. We recently went to California, where I grew up, to celebrate my sister’s college graduation from the dental hygiene program. It was a wonderful time celebrating this great accomplishment in her life. We saw friends, ate tons of good food, hiked, went to the coast and saw some giant redwoods. We also celebrated my birthday which was fun because it’s been quite some time since I was able to celebrate with my family. Oh yes, we also went shopping!

College graduation is an important milestone in a persons life, yet I find that it doesn’t seem to be as important to have portraits taken at this time. I’d love to change that. If you are a college graduate and would like some portraits taken, please contact me. Let’s take some photos with the cap and gown and any other pins or honors cords that signify the great accomplishments you have achieved. And then let’s capture you now!

Susan Dusseault

Eugene, Oregon Senior Photographer


Eugene Oregon Family Photographer | Jack’s Birthday Photos

As a Eugene, Oregon family photographer I love to find locations that suit my client perfectly. Jack loves fountains and water. So naturally a great location in Eugene, Oregon for photos is this University of Oregon Sports building. It is a huge building made of windows and surrounding it is a large water feature. It was perfect for Jacks birthday photos. His mom makes a point to get birthday photos of her children each year and hasn’t missed a year yet! I just love photographing this age. Jack, a giggly little boy, was great at taking direction and had a large repertoire of facial expressions that make my job fun.  It was supposed to rain that day but we lucked out. The sun was out and created the perfect sparkles on the water.  The colors were a perfect match to Jack’s blue eyes and blue plaid shirt.

If you are looking for a family photographer in Eugene, Oregon I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your options of creating a perfect setting for your photos. It is a passion of mine to make sure you have these memories printed for enjoyment for your whole family. I have samples of different products to look at, and I am confident that I have something that appeals to everyone.  If you are looking for something specific that I don’t carry, let me know and I will try to find it for you.  Just use the contact form at the top of the page to get complete details on how to book a session with Lily Fields Photography. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Susan Dusseault

Eugene, Oregon

Family, Child, & Senior Photographer



Sean | Eugene Oregon Senior Pictures | Alton Baker Park

It was such a fun evening to capture these Eugene Oregon Senior Pictures at Alton Baker Park. I’ve known Sean since his family first moved to Eugene, Oregon. He was just a little guy back then! I can’t believe how fast these kids grow. It is always very special when I have the opportunity to take portraits of kids I’ve known most of their life.  As a senior and family photographer in Eugene, Oregon I am always looking for great new locations. I was pleasantly surprised when I took Sean to the most obvious location, Alton Baker Park. I cannot believe I have never really explored this park in the 20 years I have lived in Eugene. It’s huge! There were plenty of trees, flowers, benches and bridges to explore.

If you are a homeschooler, we’ve got all year to plan your shoot. However, if you are a public or private schooler we need to schedule your shoot in the summer so you have your yearbook photo ready to go before deadlines. Don’t wait until September to fit your shoot in. I love to have plenty of time to plan the perfect session for you! Contact me today using my contact form in the upper tab. Or just shoot me a text. 541-517-6068

Boy senior photo, bridge

senior boy photo, bench

senior boy photo, bench, blooming tree
senior boy photo, golden hour
senior boy photo, field, flowers
senior boy photo, lamp post, golden hour
senior boy photo, golden hour
senior boy photo, cattle gate
senior boy photo, cattle gate

Olivia | Eugene Oregon Photographers | Lily Fields

It is such an honor to be recognized as one of the Eugene Oregon Photographers specializing in children’s photography. When Olivia’s mom had informed me that she had a little white pillow case dress, I just knew she had to wear it to her session! It was such a delightful addition to this already adorable little blond’s photo session in the evening light.

I just loved this whimsical session. Everytime I look back on this shoot, I am reminded of what is to come… the golden summer light that I just love so much. The way the light shed around this sweet little girl as she danced through our evening made my heart so happy.

If you are thinking about scheduling your own family photos or are looking for a child photographer in Eugene Oregon, I would love to meet you. I really enjoy capturing what unfolds before me. With a little direction and lots of fun you can have this time in your life captured. Imagine having beautiful art of your family hanging on your walls. I have a variety of products that meet every desire. Call me at 541-517-6068. Let’s chat soon!

child, white dress, sunlight
child, white dress, sunlight
child, white dress, sunlight
child, white dress, sunlight
child, white dress, sunlight
child, white dress, sunlight
child, white dress, sunlight
child, white dress, sunlight, make wishes

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